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Frequently Asked Questions

Refrigerator repair

Why isn’t my refrigerator cooling?

Due to the nature of how a fridge is designed, the entire system relies on its cooling system and cannot be easily diagnosed without a technician looking at the unit. Call Star Appliance Repair to schedule diagnostic.

Why are the sides of my refrigerator or freezer sometimes hot to the touch?

Some model refrigerators have part of the condenser coils foamed into the walls of the cabinet.

If the refrigerator or freezer has a forced air condenser under the unit and the coils are not cleaned, the sides of the refrigerator will be warm.

Also, if the ambient temperature of the unit is warmer than normal this could cause the side walls of the unit to be warmer than normal.

In most cases you will need to clean out the coils under the refrigerator. If problem persists call for service immediately or major damage may occur.

Why is my refrigerator leaking water on the bottom?

On some top mount freezer refrigerators, the problem can typically be a plugged defrost drain funnel or defrost tube.

Some models allow access to the defrost drain area where the funnel can be removed and cleaned.

Why is my refrigerator running longer and the temperatures warming up?

The condenser coils for the refrigerator/freezer must be cleaned every six months or as needed.

If the condenser coils are not cleaned as recommended by the manufacturer, not only will the temperatures start warming up, the life of the compressor will be reduces causing an expensive repair.

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    Washing machine repair

    Why is my washer shaking all the time?

    If the washer is level and all four feet are setting on the floor, the issue could be a loading or sorting problem. If you sort your clothes by wet weight, it could be that your floor may be weak.

    Why does my front load washing machine smell like mold?

    You can buy a washing machine cleaner which will remove most odours. If the problem persists, we can disassemble the pump and hose and give it a thorough cleaning which may help.

    Why does my washer seem to frequently go off balance?

    After checking to make sure the washer is level, sorting your clothes may be the issue. Sometimes sorting the clothes not only by color but also by the wet weight will eliminate most off balance conditions.

    Why the front load washer won’t drain or spin

    Front load washers can have problems you wouldn’t experience with a top load washer, such as problems with it draining or spinning. Just like with inlet hoses, you might end up with a mess on your hands if the problem is not addressed.

    The washer filter might need to be cleaned.

    If you have an older unit, the filter might be more accessible from the front. If not, appliance repair technician from Star Appliance Repair can change out the filter in your washer, making it good as new.

    Why hot/cold inlet hoses leak burst

    If the hoses connecting your washer to the hot and cold water inlet bases end up bursting, you might have not only a mess on your hands, but a washing machine that can’t be used. Thankfully, this has both a common cause and an easier solution than other types of appliance repairs you can actually do at home.

    If your inlet base hoses burst, that means the hoses you had are worn out.

    It is important to change hoses every three years so you avoid a messy clean up from hoses that wear down over time. You can also get the braided stainless hoses – called no-burst lines – to avoid the issue.

    Dryer repair

    My dryer isn’t heating at all. What could be the problem?

    Check the circuit breaker to make sure you have the correct power to the dryer. On some brands of dryers the motor will run, but will not heat.

    The circuit breaker for the dryer is 240 volts and the motor requires 120 volts to operate. The remaining 120 volts is required to power up the element on an electric dryer.

    Why does my dryer take so long to dry?

    This condition is usually caused by either kinked vent tubing, a restriction in the vent or too long of venting material from the area of where the dryer is located to the vent outside of the house. If the venting material is too long, the venting material should be shortened as much as possible. If the venting material appears to be short enough, you may have a restriction in the vent or the distance from the dryer vent to the outside is too long of a run.

    A quick way to test the vent airflow is to turn on the dryer without any clothes in the dryer. The amount of airflow should be equal to the amount of air exhausting from the dryer without the vent attached.

    If the problem persists, call us immediately to set up a service call.

    My unit does not seem to remove much moisture

    Poor air flow from a slow fan or the fan motor may have quit completely. Dirty coils, may need to be steam cleaned. Unit too close to the wall giving poor air flow. 

    Why my dryer won’t spin?

    There are many reason for your dryer not to spin and the first would be the powers supply. Check your breakers first!

    Another popular reason for your dryer not to spin is the belt or the drive motor itself.

    These issues should be resolved by certified appliance repair technician and you can call Star Appliance Repair to get it fixed!

    Our Services

    How can i trust that my appliance will be fixed?

    Star Appliance Repair is a team of highly experienced licensed technicians. We provide exceptional service from a highly trained team of service technicians that can provide spare parts to new appliances throughout the GTA area and suburbs. Our qualified professionals are certified by most known brands throughout the warranty repair work provided to such companies as: LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Bosch, Electrolux and many more. You can explore the full brands list by clicking the link.

    Are Your Employees Qualified?

    Our crew comprises amazing technicians who know how to fix problematic appliances of any kind. No task can challenge our team. With our appliance repairs, you will benefit from the skills of specialists.

    Do you offer weekend service?

    Yes we do provide weekend service on Saturdays 8:00-15:00. Moreover, we provide Sunday service for our ‘Priority Membership’ holders.

    What appliances do you service?

    Star Appliance Repair repairs most major brand washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ranges, ovens, electric stoves, range hoods and microwaves. 

    Along with Commercial refrigeration systems.

    Do you offer warranties?

    Yes. All repairs come with a 3-months minimum and up to one year warranty for parts and labor. Ask about our ‘Priority Membership’ which provides you with special service, warranties and priority scheduling.

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      Appliance parts

      If you need to order parts, do I need to pre-pay for the parts?
      It depends. If the part is a special factory order, typically those parts cannot be returned, so the customer will need to pre-pay for the parts and trip charge.
      What if your company does not have the parts to repair my appliance?
      During the initial phone contact we gather all the information in order to obtain the parts necessary for the repairs. If there is a need to order a part, another trip charge is not applied for a return visit.
      Do you sell parts?

      We do not speciaise in selling parts, however we can supply parts on your request. Our parts department stocks over 10,000 parts to ensure job completion. Please call +1 (647) 847 8774.

      General Questions

      How do i get a copy of my invoice?
      The invoice will be sent out to your email automaticaly. You will have an option to view it online, save it on your device, or print it to keep for your record.
      Can I request a service call from your website?
      Yes you can. Click here and fill out the form, and a member of the office staff will get in touch with you to schedule a date and time convenient to you.
      Does Star Appliance Repair sell, buy or trade appliances?
      No, we only perform in-home repairs.
      Where is Star Appliance Repair?
      Our trucks are in all areas daily, and they are dispatched from our centrally located office.
      How are appointments set?

      Appointments are set for morning or afternoon hours with a 20 minute call ahead if requested.

      Do you charge for labor by the hour?

      Labor is determined based on the job that needs to be performed, not by the hour.

      Can your service technician call me before coming out?

      Yes we can call you 20 minutes before coming to your home so your not stuck waiting for us.

      Have an appliance problem? Have an expert come over to diagnose what is going on.

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